Eunice Juma

Position: Vice ChairPerson
Categories: Board Member

Eunice Juma, MPH, is a dedicated Public Health Professional focused on improving community health by creating, implementing, and managing effective prevention, care, and support programs. With extensive experience addressing a wide array of public health challenges, including mental health, autism, elder care, cancer, and HIV/AIDS, Unice leverages innovative strategies and evidence-based practices to tackle both immediate and long-term health issues in vulnerable populations. By building strategic partnerships with government and non-government organizations, Unice has led successful campaigns that increase awareness, secure funding, and enhance health outcomes. Her leadership involves uniting teams of passionate professionals and stakeholders to work toward ensuring a safer, healthier world for all, particularly the marginalized and underserved. Through compassionate leadership, thorough program evaluation, and a commitment to excellence in public health policy and practice, Unice is devoted to making a lasting impact on public health service delivery.