Firyal Nur

Position: Board Member
Categories: Board Member

Firyal Nur, a visionary at the forefront of socially conscious business strategies, empowers organizations to achieve sustainable growth while positively impacting society. Her career has spanned from New York and Los Angeles to Geneva, Milan, and Nairobi, giving her a unique perspective on cross-cultural dynamics and global markets.

During her impactful tenure at Gucci, Firyal’s strategic contributions at the company’s global headquarters in Italy and the US offices significantly amplified the brand’s cultural engagement and global influence. She co-developed the Brand & Culture Engagement division, spearheading initiatives that directed over $7 million towards grants and scholarships for diverse communities. Her global-local approach helped pave the way for ground-breaking collaborations with organizations such as the NAACP, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote. She also played an integral part in actualizing culturally significant projects such as the Dapper Dan
Atelier, Gucci vs Everybody, and the launch of the Michelin-starred Gucci Osteria in Beverly Hills.

After making her mark at Gucci, Firyal, currently operating between Nairobi and Geneva, leveraged her extensive industry knowledge and network capital to establish her own boutique agency, the Never Under-Represented (NUR) Agency. The NUR Agency acts as a business catalyst, providing guidance to a diverse clientele spanning sports, entertainment, fashion, and beyond. It assists its clients in effectively engaging with the African market by offering strategic services such as brand differentiation, market intelligence, cultural liaison, high-impact public relations, and sustainable growth strategies. Firyal’s
vision underscores the strategic alignment of social good and business success – a principle that defines her career and the essence of the NUR Agency.

Firyal also serves on the board of the ALIVE Foundation in Kenya, further reflecting her commitment to community service and youth empowerment.

Through her agency and philanthropy, Firyal Nur’s work exemplifies the transformative potential of socially conscious business. Her approach offers a blue print for sustainable and inclusive growth, reinforcing the idea that business success and societal enrichment are inherently interlinked. Her journey highlights the critical role of sustainable strategies in shaping the future of global commerce.