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Opportunities in the UK

The Covid-19 pandemic coupled with Brexit changed the dynamics of our world in all aspects, and most economically. Our economic models were challenged and consequently, employment and entrepreneurship had to adapt to the changes. For young people, this meant changes in the skills they acquired, jobs they applied to, and decisions they made for their future. The Amina LIVE Foundation hosted a webinar where four powerful speakers explored the opportunities for young people in the UK. The speakers, H.E Manoah Esipisu, Hon.Patricia Scotland, Ambassador Amina Mohamed, and H.E Leigh Stubberfield, gave valuable insights on job opportunities, how to apply for universities in the UK, and opportunities for young people in the Commonwealth. Ambassador Amina, also highlighted the vision of the foundation to develop a toolkit that would ensure that Kenyan graduates have skills that meet international standards. The webinar is one of many networking events that Amina LIVE Foundation will host to inform young people about career prospects and opportunities.


Employers want graduates with a variety of well-honed life skills, just getting the job done is not enough. This requirement has rendered so many graduates in Kenya unemployed. The Amina LIVE Foundation strives to fill this gap by enhancing the education of young people in Kenya. For the first cohort, the foundation brought in 30 young graduates from different professions for a mentorship program that taught them skills in vision casting, personal branding, financial literacy among others. Upon completion, the alumni’s had a chance to have a one on one conversation with some of the key industry players. More than just the skills acquired, the one month training will go a long way in creating a work force that’s confident and capable to quality output both in employment and entrepreneurship


Engineers are no exception to the unemployment rates in Kenya. Over 30,000 graduate engineers are currently unemployed and one of the contributing factors is the lack of access to training necessary to acquire the skills required by the job market. The ALIVE Foundation sort to address this gap by providing graduate engineers with specialized training. The 5-day training on Structural Eurocodes Bridge Design Module for Graduate Engineers provided accessible technical skills and mentorship to young engineers. The training was designed to help graduates bridge the gap between their academic knowledge and the skills required by the job market. It also provided them with the opportunity to network with experienced engineers and learn from their expertise.

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